Guide for authors

Guide for authors



  1. It is mandatory for the presenting author to register for the conference to be able to present their free paper.
  2. The final free paper presentation has to be uploaded/submitted in the PREVIEW ROOM, 3 hours before the presentation.
  3. Full disclosure of all financial/commercial relationships is mandatory.
  4. Name of the presenting author alone should be mentioned in the presentation. The College name / Co-author name should not be mentioned in the power point for the purpose of neutral evaluation; if mentioned, those presentations will be disqualified (for competitive papers).
  5. Paper presentations will be power point presentations of  5 minutes duration. Please strictly follow the time limits.
  6. Patient confidentiality should be protected. No names, hospital numbers or any other identity should appear in the presentation.
  7. Presentation can be structured in the same format as the abstract submission.
  8. Judges will be judging your presentation based on: Concept, Aims and objectives, Methodology, Discussion, Conclusion (Is it answering the questions raised in aims and objectives) and oral presentation (power point quality, clarity of presentation, adherence to time).
  9. The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission.
  10. Papers must be original and must not have been presented at any other prior meetings.



  1. All presenters of accepted abstracts for poster presentation would be submitting E-poster.
  2. The presenting author must register and pay the applicable conference registration fee. Failure to pay the registration fee will cause removal from the Scientific Program at the discretion of the Scientific Program Committee.
  3. Your E-Poster should be composed in 16/9 ratio (wide screen) using PowerPoint or a page-layout program.
  4. Your E-Poster should consist of one slide only. Open up PowerPoint and choose a blank slide. On the navigation bar (mostly, above), select the Design then Choose Slide Size > select Custom Slide Size > enter 16:9 ratio; 56 in. x 31.5 in.; widescreen setting > press OK. Better to select landscape orientation. Add Text Boxes and Figures. Figures and tables should cover slightly more than 50% of the E-Poster area. If you have only a few illustrations, enlarge them. Do not remove text, but keep it brief.
  5. Avoid abbreviations and acronyms.
  6. Use a consistent font throughout. It is recommended that authors use a minimum of 20 pt. font size to make text legible.
  7. The E-Poster should be comprehensible without oral explanation. Try to favor simplicity. More material may mean less communication.
  8. After designing your E-Poster, click save as and save a file on desktop with name of poster i.e. Poster number – title of poster) file of your E-Poster.
  9. Make sure your E-Poster file is not password protected.
  10. Then submit the file in the submission tab at the bottom of this page.
  11. Presenting authors will be given 3-5 minutes for their E-poster presentation and will be evaluated by team of expert panels.
  12. Upload in PDF and JPG format during submission

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