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President's Message

Dear members!
Assllamu Alaikum!
Due to Covid-19 pandemic the whole world is passing through unprecedented circumstances and Nuclear Medicine is no exception. Most of the Nuclear Medicine facilities all over the country are at halt. The issues are primarily due to the non availability of isotopes and Lockdown of non essential services. In this regard the officials at the main isotope production site are contacted and persuaded to initiate the production and supply of isotopes on which progress in being made in a very positive way, keeping in view the demand of various centers. In the meanwhile DGTP approved supplier M/S Vista International can be approached for the interim period.

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Welcome to the website of Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine. PSNM was established in 1995 and serves as representative body for professionals working in the field of Nuclear Medicine. Our website connects members of the society with each other and with other similar organizations, national as well as international. Website provides a link to the 'Pakistan Journal of Nuclear Medicine'. News about academic and professional events is a regularly updated feature of our webpage and members are welcome to contribute.