"Emerging Trends in Current Practice - Role of Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging and Theranostics", One Day duration Symposium is being organised at AFIP Rawalpindi on 10 March 2024 International Workshop on "Advances in Nuclear Medicine and its Applications" Organised by COMSTECH at COMSTECH Secretariate Islamabad - 19-20 September 2023 Pre-Conference Workshop: "Radiopharmacy Practices in Evolving Theranostic Landscape" - 20 October 2023 Pre-Conference Workshop: "Hybrid Horizons: Pre-Conference Workshop on PET-CT Hybrid Imaging" - 19 October 2023 Pre-Conference Workshop: "All that Glitters is Gold" - A Nuclear Cardiology Perspective" - 20 October 2023 8th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine - Abstract submission date extended till 30 September 2023. 8th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine 20-22 October, 2023 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi 8th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine - coming soon WELCOME TO PSNMED.COM

Duties & Responsibilities

Rule 1: Duties of President and Vice President

1. The president shall be the regular presiding at all the meetings of the society as described under Art. In the absence of disability of the president his duties shall be performed by the vice president, or in the absence of vice president, by any member of the council, designated by the officer of the council.

2. The president shall, in consultation with the officers of the council, appoint members to any special committee constituted in pursuit of the objectives of the society.

3. The president shall have a general supervision of the affairs of the society and shall act as its spokesperson when dealing with outside bodies, organizations, societies etc.

4. The president shall exercise such financial powers as may be delegated to him by the council.

5. The president will be elected for a period of two years during which he/she will arrange a Nuclear Medicine conference of national level of its center.

Rule 2: Duties of Secretary

1. The Secretary shall conduct the day-to-day business of the society under the supervision and guidance of the president.

2. The Secretary shall record or cause to be recorded minutes of the minutes of the society.

3. The Secretary shall give and receive all notices in connection with the affairs of the society and shall be the custodian of the record of the society.

4. The Secretary shall submit an annual report on the activities of the society at its annual meeting.

5. The Secretary shall be responsible for conducting correspondence on behalf of the society.

Rule 3: Duties of Treasurer

1. The Treasurer shall maintain complete record of all financial transactions in the manner approved by the council.

2. The account of the society shall be audited every year and the report presented to the annual meeting by the Treasurer after approval of the council.

Rule 4: Admission to the membership, resignations and suspension

1. The council (preparatory council) may refuse to elect or to transfer, any candidate whose character, reputation, professional conduct would make him an undesirable person.

2. A reapplication for admission, or transfer of the grade, may be submitted after expiration of one year from the date of rejection of the original application.

3. A member in good standing may resign by submitting a written resignation to the secretary.

4. A member in good standing may be dropped from membership of acts, conducts or practices which tend to injure or adversely affect the reputation of the society.

5. A former member who applies for installment within two years may be reinstated by the council upon payment of appropriate fee, current dues, and subscription charges. If the period of inactivity is in excess of two years, the former member must submit an application as a candidate for fresh membership.

Rule 5: Annual dues and subscriptions

The annual dues and subscription charges for society publications shall be determined by the council from time to time.

Rule 6: Additions and amendments in the constitution

The amendment in article of association (constitution) will be made/passed only by 2/3rd majority. The council may make additional rules and procedures keeping in view the provisions of Article 15.2 of the constitution of the society.