9th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine is being organized on 25-27 October, 2024 at Serena Hotel, Faisalabad. Registration is opened. Last date for Abstract Submission is 15 August 2024. "Emerging Trends in Current Practice - Role of Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging and Theranostics", One Day duration Symposium is being organised at AFIP Rawalpindi on 10 March 2024 International Workshop on "Advances in Nuclear Medicine and its Applications" Organised by COMSTECH at COMSTECH Secretariate Islamabad - 19-20 September 2023 Pre-Conference Workshop: "Radiopharmacy Practices in Evolving Theranostic Landscape" - 20 October 2023 Pre-Conference Workshop: "Hybrid Horizons: Pre-Conference Workshop on PET-CT Hybrid Imaging" - 19 October 2023 Pre-Conference Workshop: "All that Glitters is Gold" - A Nuclear Cardiology Perspective" - 20 October 2023 8th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine - Abstract submission date extended till 30 September 2023. 8th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine 20-22 October, 2023 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi 8th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine - coming soon WELCOME TO PSNMED.COM

Awards & Grants

Travel Grant Application Form


Eligibility Criteria:

Applicant Qualifications:
• A nuclear medicine physician or a resident in a recognized nuclear medicine program, working in 
any hospital in Pakistan.
• Should be a member of the Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine (PSNM) for 2 years or more.
Age Limit:
• Applicants must be below the age of 40 at the time of abstract submission.
Submission Criteria:
• Submission of an original, unpublished abstract for presentation at the SNMMI, ACNM, ASNC, or 
EANM international conferences.
• Abstract should be accepted for oral or free paper presentation at the respective conference.
Conference Selection:
• Applicants can choose to present at one or more of the following conferences: SNMMI, ACNM, 
Number of Grants:
Maximum Number of Grants for SNMMI, ACNM, ASNC Conference per year = 1
• Maximum Number of Grants for EANM Conference = 1
Grant Amount and other requisites:
• Rupees 200,000 travel grant will be awarded to presenters for oral or free paper presentation at 
ACNM, ASNC, SNMMI conferences.
• Rupees 150,000 travel grant will be awarded to presenters presenting at EANM conference.
• Applicant must submit an undertaking, countersigned by Head of Institute/Hospital that no 
institutional / government/non-government sponsor/industry support / grant has been 
applied/available for the said purpose.
• Successful Awardee will not be eligible to apply/considered for additional grant within 3 years.
• Successful Awardee will submit an undertaking countersigned by Head of Institute/Hospital, to 
publish the presented original article in Pakistan Journal of Nuclear Medicine (PJNM).
• PSNM travel grants are also open to non-clinician members of society (i.e. scientists / 
Radiopharmacist/Technologists) working in a 'clinical NM departments'.

Application Procedure:

Abstract Submission:
• Submit an original abstract according to the guidelines of the respective international 
Notification of Acceptance:
• Acceptance notification from the conference organizers.
• Membership Confirmation.
• Ensure current membership with the Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine.
Application Form:
• Complete the PSNM Young Investigator Award and Travel Grant application form, including 
details such as name, contact information, conference selected, and abstract acceptance details.
(Form may be obtained from Publication Secretary/website of society.)
Letter of Intent:
• Provide a letter of intent stating the applicant's interest in the PSNM Young Investigator Award 
and Travel Grant, along with a brief overview of the research as well as CV of the candidate.
Recommendation Letters:
• Include at least two recommendation letters by PSNM Members supporting the applicant's 
eligibility and the significance of their research.
Submission Deadline:
• Submit the complete application and associated documents atleast 30 days before the specified 
Review Process:
• Applications will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the PSNM based on the scientific 
merit and relevance of the research.
Notification of Awardees:
• Successful applicants will be notified in advance of the respective conference.
Presentation at Conference:
• Awardees will present their research at the selected international conference in person. Virtual 
presentation will not be entertained.
Post-Conference Report:
• Awardees must submit a post-conference report to the PSNM, summarizing their experience and 
the impact of the grant on their professional development.
Issuance of Cheque: 
• Cheque will be issued in respect of presenter within 10 days of submission of copies of 
ticket/Boarding passes, undertakings and activity report.