"Emerging Trends in Current Practice - Role of Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging and Theranostics", One Day duration Symposium is being organised at AFIP Rawalpindi on 10 March 2024 International Workshop on "Advances in Nuclear Medicine and its Applications" Organised by COMSTECH at COMSTECH Secretariate Islamabad - 19-20 September 2023 Pre-Conference Workshop: "Radiopharmacy Practices in Evolving Theranostic Landscape" - 20 October 2023 Pre-Conference Workshop: "Hybrid Horizons: Pre-Conference Workshop on PET-CT Hybrid Imaging" - 19 October 2023 Pre-Conference Workshop: "All that Glitters is Gold" - A Nuclear Cardiology Perspective" - 20 October 2023 8th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine - Abstract submission date extended till 30 September 2023. 8th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine 20-22 October, 2023 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi 8th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine - coming soon WELCOME TO PSNMED.COM

8th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine

Day 1 - October 20, 2023
Day 2 - October 21, 2023
Day 3 - October 22, 2023
Event Highlights

President's Message

Dear members!

Assllamu Alaikum!

Due to Covid-19 pandemic the whole world is passing through unprecedented circumstances and Nuclear Medicine is no exception. Most of the Nuclear Medicine facilities all over the country are at halt. The issues are primarily due to the non availability of isotopes and Lockdown of non essential services. In this regard the officials at the main isotope production site are contacted and persuaded to initiate the production and supply of isotopes on which progress in being made in a very positive way, keeping in view the demand of various centers. In the meanwhile DGTP approved supplier M/S Vista International can be approached for the interim period.

Nuclear Medicine services all over the world are affected and efforts to revive the facilities in the new environments are underway. Every department of nuclear medicine has its own sets of problems and resources. Therefore we suggest that standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the intra-COVID and post -COVID period may be formulated by every department as per general principals and guidelines that have been shared by various bodies including IAEA. I request all the Nuclear Medicine facilities to share their protocols so that other centers may also learn from their experiences.

It’s high time we should keep our environment, public, patients and healthcare providers as much safe as possible during our efforts to ease our patients’ miseries. We as Nuclear Medicine professionals are already exercising certain basic routines based on time, distance and shielding and here we have to perform some additional precautions.


The president and whole Executive council of PSNM salute the efforts of all the Nuclear Medicine physicians, Medical physicist, technicians and other supporting staff who are making all the needed arrangements to make their facilities running for their patients’ welfare.


May Allah keep you all safe and healthy, so you can serve the humanity in a much better way and in a more secure environment.

Best Regards


Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine.