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President's Messege

As President PSNM, I am fortunate to be part of an exciting team working with enthusiastic people in directing PSNM with the goal to attain phenomenal success. PSNM like all new organizations have seen many teething issues but, all previous ECs has done tremendous efforts to overcome the problems. This EC have focussed on revamping the Pakistan Journal of Nuclear Medicine and we have launched a brand new site for our journal with online abstract submission and manuscript handling system. We are also working for the indexing of the journal in Pubmed central, it's a long process but for success of our journal we need members contribution. We have also tried to revamp the website by switching to user friendly mode. It is still undergoing reshaping and I hope we will have a more interactive and dynamic website of the society in coming weeks.

As a representative of the Nuclear Medicine community, we have started working on preparing the guidelines for Nuclear Medicine processes. We have started with Thyroid cancer management and for this we have re-energized thyroid cancer focus group. This is a huge task and in its first phase we will be introducing thyroid cancer registry. Our next goal is working for the imaging guidelines and for that we are going to formulate working groups.

For fulfilling our academic responsibility, we are starting a mentorship program for young Nuclear Physicians which will help them to hone their academic knowledge and practical skills.

I would also take this opportunity to invite you all to the 6th annual meeting of PSNM to be held in December in Karachi. The conference can only be a success if you all will ensure your participation. I also urge you to propagate the conference information among your colleagues. We have put in our utmost efforts to formulate an academically sound series of lectures & have invited international speakers who hold an august position in their specialty.

Looking forward to meet you in Karachi.

We are step-by-step progressing and we will be able to full fill our dreams of making it a vibrant and viable society, which is a true representative of the Pakistani Nuclear Medicine community.

Dr. Shazia Fatima